Our Motto

Connect the dots between demand and supply with the right people at the right place.

Our Vision

To be the healthcare placement consultancy that both clients and candidates always choose to connect with.

Our Mission

Facilitate greater connectivity between the employer and the jobseeker and, in return, create a broader healthcare ecosystem where people find better.

The People

Our team of professionals helps aspiring and experienced nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals step up the ladder of their careers and achieve what they aspire for.

Meet the team behind our success! Our group of passionate and dedicated individuals who bring their unique skills and perspectives to every project.


Shalini Sood

A passionate, serious, dedicated, and process-oriented professional who is the driving force behind establishing and bringing the brains and muscle behind where now The Indah People stands.

It's been a 5-year journey since she started, and now has established myself as a to-go consultant for any Indian, UK, Australian/New Zealand, or Middle East Asia healthcare professional demand in any hierarchy. Even non-clinical middle- to senior-level roles have benefited since the domain remains the same.

What she has to say about her journey:

It all started while I was transitioning jobs and finding my passion several years ago. I realised it was all about people and finding the right talent to make a difference.

Coming from a business development, account management, and sales professional background, I always aspired to power my wings, and I was lucky to get associated with an amazing talent pool of people within the healthcare system who, along with me, shared a similar vision that completely blended with The Indah People's values.


Dr. Amit Tandon

Being a health care professional, Dr. Amit Tandon recognised the significance of a skilled workforce and their availability. He ventured into healthcare recruitment and has never looked back, as nothing gives him more satisfaction than providing the best staffing services at minimal cost. He believes in a patient-centred approach and understands very well the role played by nurses in delivering the best healthcare services. He has been instrumental in establishing recruitment services in Australia and New Zealand. He is actively involved in setting up a low-investment model for staffing nurses in areas of need.

This is what he has to say:

Healthcare recruitment is very close to my heart since I have seen the bad side of this industry. I am a firm believer in transparent and minimally cost-based recruitment and staffing services.

Coming from a background of medical professionals, I am fully committed to giving the best services to the people who dedicate their lives to serving mankind. I enjoy sharing my passion while helping people. I would enjoy connecting with you so we can exchange ideas and help others achieve their potential.


Dr. Khyati Santwani

As an alternate medicine practitioner, clinical researcher, academician, teacher, and active mentor to aspirants aiming to make the medical and healthcare fields their career choice, Dr. Khyati envisages creating a mutually beneficial working atmosphere on both sides—the job creator and the job seeker. She has worked extensively on the job creation side and brings immense experience that gives us the right perspective to understand the nuances, come back with the questions, and be ready with the appropriate answers.

What she has to say about her journey:

Every business that is created has a financial success motto, and that serves as the push for long-term survival and the future. This model is supported by (1) the leadership’s vision and (2) the team that executes that vision. Therefore, it is imperative that the team that delivers be the best suited for their roles and responsibilities. And if I can be the catalyst who facilitates that, then I play the biggest role in delivering the desired success and giving back to my profession, my field, and above all, mankind.


Ajay Kumar

Dynamic, disciplined, and result-focused recruiter with experience in deploying more than 500 nurses in the NHS and 1200+ nurses in Indian hospitals.

What he has to say:

I am a doer, as my motto is 100% results, long-term relationships, and a dedicated support system for all—team, job seeker, and job giver.

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